Elvis W.

You want the milk before getting the cow; an issue on skill acquisition.

You want to get the milk before even getting the cow .

You want to skin the goat yet your knives are not sharp .

This mindset is all too common today .

The Common Question:

Many people ask,

“Elvis, which is the most marketable skill I can learn today?

One that can make me money quickly .” Have you ever asked this yourself? This question highlights a broader issue in our approach to learning and growth .

The Real Purpose of Acquiring Skills

Why do you want to learn a new skill?

Is it just for money?

The true purpose of gaining new skills is to grow and improve yourself .

When you focus only on money, you miss out on the deeper value of learning .

The Misguided Belief: Making Money as the Main Goal

Do you believe that making money is the most important goal?

Many people do . They learn a skill expecting to earn quickly .

But learning is just the first step . What happens after you learn the skill?

The Process vs. the Event

Think about this: Before you can skin the goat, you need to sharpen your knife .

Before you can milk the cow, you need to have the cow .

The process involves learning the skill, practicing it, offering free services, building a portfolio, and creating a strong personal brand .

Steps in the Process

  1. Learning the Skill: Start with understanding the basics . What skill do you want to learn? Why?
  2. Practicing the Skill: Practice makes perfect . How often do you practice?
  3. Offering Free Services: Build experience . Who can you help for free to gain experience?
  4. Building a Portfolio: Show your work . Do you have a collection of your best work?
  5. Creating a Personal Brand: Stand out . What makes you unique?

Embrace the Journey

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step .” – Lao Tzu . Do you agree with this quote? Think about your journey .

Are you focused on the end or the steps along the way?

The Bigger Picture

Look at the bigger picture . How does understanding the process over the event change your approach to learning and growth? How can this mindset shift help you achieve your goals?


Remember, the real value in learning a skill is not just in making money but in the journey of personal development . How will you embrace the process today? What steps will you take to sharpen your knife before skinning the goat?

Think about a skill you want to learn . What is the first step you will take today? How will you focus on the process rather than the end goal?

Final Thoughts

Embrace the journey, face real-world challenges, and grow from them . How will this change your approach to life and learning?

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