Elvis W.

My journey with computers since an early age.

I can distinctly remember a time when I was nobody’s favourite. In my primary school, each teacher had their golden student, the one they’d place on a pedestal. For many, the class prefect was their crowning jewel – the exemplar student who could do no wrong. But not for me.

There was this girl, Shiru. Oh, how I detested her! Always quick to snitch, and her finicky, standoffish attitude made her as approachable as a thorn bush. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, our GHC teacher seemed quite fond of her. And every time the cane came out, she’d shed a single tear, earning herself instant forgiveness, while the rest of us suffered the consequence. I’d often mumble under my breath, “What a waste of a good stroke of the cane.”

While I may not have been the teacher’s pet or the much-coveted “blue-eyed boy”, I did strike up a unique relationship with one teacher. My computer teacher. But it wasn’t always a friendly one. I remember the time she pinched me because I struggled to type the simple word ‘boy’ on an ancient computer with a mouse that looked like it belonged in a museum.

However, it was this very ordeal that lit a spark in me. As frustrating as those early days were, something about the world of computers fascinated me. And oh, the memories with Windows XP! Despite its comically long boot times and cacophonous startup sounds, there was an allure I couldn’t resist.

Soon, my parents brought home a laptop. It was then that I delved into the wonders of YouTube, and yes, the thrilling streets of GTA Vice City. Thanks to my newfound typing prowess, I became the go-to cheat code provider (remember ‘looklikelance’?).

Fast forward to today, and I’m immersed in the world of computers, not just as a hobby, but as a passion and profession. From design and development to coding, my heart truly lies with these magnificent machines. My once-hesitant journey with computers has now blossomed into fruitful ventures: Tera Creations, Africa Web Experts, NetworkScape, and my personal brand, Elvis W., to name a few.

So, if there’s one thing to take away from my story, it’s this: “Don’t stop until you’re proud.” Embrace every pinch, every setback, and every frustrating moment. You never know where they might lead you.

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