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Masturbation: A Creeping Pandemic


You might be wondering why this topic has come up. It’s timely and necessary to discuss.

A Disturbing Encounter

I was having a conversation with a friend who shared a shocking story with me. “Elvis,” she began, “I was in a matatu the other day, sitting next to a guy, and I could see him doing something in his pants. It was such uncanny behavior.”

She continued, “The guy was seriously looking at me, proceeding with his unreal, eerie, and mystical doing. Let me surprise you, Elvis. The guy was busy ‘nyongaing’.”

‘Nyongaing’ is slang for masturbation.

I was shocked by her story.

Another Shocking Incident

Another scenario involved a young man caught by CCTV cameras in a busy business center in Nairobi.

The young man pulled out his phone, and 30 seconds later, some ‘magic’ happened, and he zipped up his trousers and walked back casually. ‘Back to business.’

The Normalization of Kunyonga

‘Kunyonga’ is a term familiar among Gen Z in Kenya, akin to a quick fix like a mug of beer.

This activity has become so normalized that it’s not even considered a mainstream issue anymore.

If you do it, ‘proceed.’ It is deemed healthy and normal. Blogs, articles, and newsletters even teach you how to do it, making it seem like a harmless habit.

This behavior is common among both genders, but it’s especially prevalent among young men.

The Business of Masturbation

The behavior has been so glorified that it has become a business.

Open a TikTok live session, especially in the early hours of the morning, and you’ll encounter the popular trademark: ‘Kunyonga ni 100.’

The host can make a significant amount of money, enough to cover several months’ rent.

Comparing to Addicts

I see this and compare it to movies and series where a junkie goes shaking like a zombie hoping to get a hit. When they get it, they want more.

My Journey

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always had the befitting answers: a doctor, lawyer, footballer, businessman, you name it.

Then I found my calling—gynecology. Life happened, and I ended up pursuing procurement, now working with keyboards, constructing and deconstructing websites, and creating captivating designs.

I even create TikTok videos.

Masturbation: A Silent Pandemic

For this article, I want to share how masturbation has become a silent pandemic for young men.

Access to adult content is easier than ever.

Someone on OnlyFans is already setting up their next shot, ready to make money.

The internet has made information incredibly accessible, and social media has become a breeding ground for this behavior.

The Consequences

Have you noticed the chaos on social media platforms?

Insults, degrading words, and occasional sexual insults dominate the conversations.

This behavior is mostly perpetrated by young and middle-aged men, and it stems from unclean souls filled with ‘dirt’ from adult content.

Porn Addicts

Did you know that porn addiction is real?

Some people prefer watching others perform sexual acts and self-gratifying activities daily, even sneaking into the toilet during serious business meetings.

The consequences are a generation that is chaotic and non-productive.

A Creeping Pandemic

This culture is a silent pandemic creeping into our society.

The souls of young men are tied to internet models, leading to a chaotic and non-productive generation. I have not offered a solution yet, but I will.


To understand more, read the book ‘Semen Retention Miracle’ by Joseph H. Peterson. Our story continues…

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