Elvis W.

Masturbation, a creeping pandemic.

I believe you are wondering why this topic has just come up. It has actually come at a proper time and moment and it has to be discussed.

I was having a conversation with a friend some time back. She gave me a story.

“Elvis,” she began

“I was in a matatu the other day, I sat next to a guy and I could see the guy doing something in his pants. What kind of uncanny behavior?”

She proceeded.

“The guy was seriously looking at me, proceeding with his unreal, eerie and mystical doing. Let me surprise you Elvis. The guy was busy ‘nyongaing’?”

She paused.

‘Nyongaing’ being masturbation.

I was shocked by her story.

Another scenario shows another young man caught by CCTV cameras in a busy business center in Nairobi. The young man pulls out his phone, 30 seconds later, some ‘magic’ happens and the guy zips up his trousers and walks back casually. ‘Back to business’


This is a term that has been created in Kenya and is so familiar among the Gen Z. This stands for a quick fix more like a mug of beer. This one is a quick fix that keeps you moving. Your private parts are aroused and bam! The high is as good as taking a sniff of the famous Pablo Escobar powder.

This activity has become so common that it’s not even a mainstream issue nowadays. If you do it, ‘proceed’ It is very healthy. ‘You are a normal human being’

Blogs, articles and newsletters will even teach you how to do it. Touch this, add this, watch this. Let the games begin.
The habit is actually common for both genders. It is however so common for males and especially young men.

The preternatural behavior has become so glorified that it has now been turned into a business. Open a TikTok live especially in the early hours of the morning (The 2 am club)

You are hit by a popular trademark:

‘Kunyonga ni 100’ Before that, give Caesar what’s due to Caesar. The host is going to make a killing that night. She might even pay 6 months rent.

I see this and compare it to the movies and series where a junkie is going to go shaking like a zombie hoping to get a hit. When they get it, oh my! They want more.

I always wanted to be a gynecologist:

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always had the befitting answers. A doctor, lawyer, footballer, business man, name it. Then ‘I found my calling, gynecology’ A huge term.

Probably some of you would be calling me gyna… already.

Then, life happens, I get to college, pursue procurement and right now I fiddle with my keyboard, construct and deconstruct websites as well as create captivating designs.

Here’s another banger: ‘I create TikTok videos’

That’s not the main point. I mentioned this to tell you that I wanted to major in female reproductive health.  For this article, I want to share on masturbation being a silent pandemic for young men.

I am sorry ladies but I should have taken my dreams more seriously.

Access to adult content:

As we speak, a studio is already cooking up some adult ‘content’ to share online and benefit from the weakness of our generation of young men. Someone on anlyfons, is already setting up her next shot. Guess what? She is going to make some money.

The internet bubble erupted and information has never been more accessible. Just a click away, incognito, a good lubricant and ‘some darkness’ and the showreel begins. A great show, fully focused.

Social media! This is another ‘demon’ in the making. People will literally go naked and shake some bunda. To the weakling, this is just some more spice.

Adult content nowadays is being served up like a buffet. The client has a choice, choices actually. The client can also decide to ‘get a custom order’

The order will arrive, well packaged for the client. Served up and ready.

Kunyonga begins!

What happens next?


Have you opened up any social media platform and seen the chaos that exist? Believe me you will find insults, degrading words, curses and occasionally some sexual insults.

Who is doing this?

The perpetrators are mostly young and middle-aged men. The crisis is real. The problem is here. You see, the consequences are the upshot of unclean souls.

Souls that have been riddled with ‘dirt’ from adult content. Souls that think that having sex with 5 people at a go is a good thing. Souls that have been occasionally filled with images of different girls, different positions and different places.

Why is that person not going to be chaotic in nature.

The soul is the spiritual essence of a person, which includes one’s identity, personality, and memories, an immaterial aspect or essence of a living being that is believed to be able to survive physical death.


Are we together till now?

Porn addicts:

Did you know that this is real?

Someone prefers to watch people doing the deed and playing the action every day. They will even sneak into the toilet in the middle of a serious business meeting just to self-gratify themselves.

A quick wash up and flush of the toilet followed by a quick rinse and drying of their hands and the objective has been accomplished.

Can you believe that we do not even want to talk to girls?

Why waste my time?

My pixel-perfect mademoiselle shows me some crazy moves, bites her lip, has this curvaceous body, and calls me nasty words like ‘dzaddy’. She does this in my phone and I giggle and enjoy like an addict.

Porn addicts are real. And some of us are.

A Creeping pandemic:

In the introduction of this article, I mentioned that this culture that we have developed and adapted to is a silent pandemic that is creeping in.

The souls of young men are tied to ‘biancas‘, ‘trishas‘ and ‘bellas‘ of the internet.

These internet models on social media and adult-content websites have stained the souls of young men and women.

‘If I cannot get sex, my hands and phone will do’

The consequences are a chaotic generation. A non-productive generation. I have not offered a solution yet. I will do so.

But first, read the book called ‘Semen Retention Miracle by Joseph H. Peterson’

Our story continues……

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  1. This is good read.
    We shall help young men overcome this pandemic.

    Slow but steady we will get there and liberate our young men from this disaster.

  2. Nice piece.
    It is time to declare this as a pandemic.

    I don’t know the kind of generation we’re going to raise.
    This action being demonic, those who will be lucky and have kids while still in the cage, will not only pass it to their kids but also be responsible for the uncontrollable nature of the coming generation.
    So sad!

  3. Elvis this Pandemic is real na hii kitu iko addictive kushinda hata bangi i have some friends who are not even ashamed of it.

  4. Yes guys this thing so called MASTURBATION ia a SCAM n A PANDEMIC of its kind, young lads and youths are engaging in the act of self satisfaction in a high rate that in 5yrs coming ahead no active marriage will be, only stress will be managing this families

  5. Our generation has been ruined by poor utilisation of Internet access. One thing that triggers masturbation is watching adult content. If you are watching these types content, please avoid them to protect your soul.

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