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Parents! Turn your child’s laptop into a success.

Has your young adult been hanging around with a brand-new laptop that your purchased?

Here’s what you might not know: That device can be a goldmine if used correctly. Let’s dive into how you can turn that laptop into a source of income and self-reliance for your child.

Why a Laptop is More Than Just a Gadget

Many parents call me, having watched my LinkedIn and TikTok content, asking, “Elvis, my child has a laptop, and a degree. But where’s the job?” If you’re in this boat, you need to understand that the laptop you bought—whether it’s a Dell, HP, or any other brand—isn’t just a gift. It’s an investment. And every investment deserves a Return on Investment (R.O.I).

No More Handouts—Time for Real Lessons

I often advise parents to stop funding their child’s leisure. Instead, redirect them to avenues that can help them earn. Monetizing skills is the game-changer here. And trust me, the digital space offers numerous opportunities, from web design and video editing to graphic design and more.

Kickstart with Free Digital Education

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to send your child back to college. Platforms like YouTube are bursting with resources. Channels like FREECODECAMP and Traversy Media offer lessons on everything from coding to design. And if you’re looking to take it a notch higher, courses like Web Design using WordPress and Graphic Design Essentials can be game-changers.

The Younger, The Better

While some might believe Gen-Z is too laid-back, it’s all about the right guidance. I currently mentor an 11-year-old who’s proficient in Python! It’s clear evidence that it’s never too early to start learning a skill.

Bottom Line

If your child’s got a laptop, it’s time they start fishing in the vast ocean of digital opportunities. Be resilient, direct them to resources, and watch as they harness the power of technology to chart a prosperous path for themselves.

Remember, true freedom is taken, not given. Empower them to seize it.

Till next time, Elvis.

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