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Why James Chose to “Learn a Skill in Kenya” After His University Degree: A Lesson for Today’s Youth

In the heart of Nairobi, James woke up one bright morning, his Bachelors’ of Business Administration degree hanging proudly on the wall. Yet, as he stepped out into the hustle and bustle of the city, he couldn’t help but feel a growing sense of unease.

Despite his rigorous years of study, the reality was evident: having a degree didn’t guarantee a job in Kenya’s saturated job market.

James isn’t alone in this. A plethora of graduates in Kenya face a similar dilemma. The question then arises: What next? For James, the answer came in three powerful words: Learn a skill in Kenya.

The Eureka Moment

At a local cafe, James met his old school friend, Kevin, who hadn’t pursued higher education. But Kevin wasn’t struggling. Instead, he was thriving with his digital marketing business.

When asked about his success, Kevin said, “University is invaluable, but the digital age demands more. I decided to learn a skill in Kenya, and it made all the difference.”

The statement struck a chord with James. University had given him knowledge, but perhaps he needed a more hands-on skill to navigate the modern job market.

The Action Plan

Determined, James embarked on a journey to learn a skill in Kenya. He realized that while his business degree taught him about the corporate world’s intricacies, having a tangible skill would give him an edge.

James dabbled in graphic design, took coding classes, and even explored content writing. These skills, he found, were in high demand by businesses both in Kenya and globally. By combining his degree knowledge with these newfound skills, James was not just a business graduate; he was a business graduate who could design a website, create engaging content, or even develop an app.

The Result

Months later, James started his consultancy, helping local businesses enhance their digital presence. His story isn’t just one of personal growth; it’s a testimony to the importance of skills in the modern age.

A Message to the Kenyan Youth

If you’re a young Kenyan feeling lost in the vast sea of job applications and interviews, take a page from James’s book. Yes, formal education is essential. But in a world that’s rapidly evolving, the mantra, “learn a skill in Kenya,” has never been more relevant.

James’s journey tells us that degrees can open doors, but skills help us walk through them. So, to every youth in Kenya and beyond: Start learning a new skill today. It might just be the key to unlock opportunities you never imagined!

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