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The Illusion of Prosperity: A Cautionary Tale of Forex Trading in Kenya

In the dynamic world of forex trading, the line between reality and illusion can often be blurred, particularly in Kenya where the phenomenon is gaining momentum.

What many enthusiastic Kenyans see online—the glamorous lives of so-called Forex influencers—is not always what it seems.

These influencers, who frequently flaunt the trappings of wealth, are part of a carefully curated deceptive narrative by certain Forex trading companies.

The modus operandi is straightforward yet insidious:

Forex companies collaborate with influencers to create an alluring facade.

These influencers portray a life of luxury, complete with pricey cars, high-end clothing, and exclusive events, all paid for by these businesses.

The underlying aim? To entice the average Kenyan into opening a trading account, seduced by the promise of a similar lifestyle. But what is at stake?

I’ve received approaches from several of these businesses and have personally seen the alluring offers to join their ranks.

The proposition is always the same: become a partner, and in return, draw more citizens into the trading web.

Despite the allure, I’ve chosen to step away each time. The cost of such a partnership extends far beyond the moral compromises—it is akin to striking a deal with the devil.

The truth is, many of these influencers are not the successful traders they claim to be.

Instead, they are opportunists, or “goons,” whose expertise lies in exploiting aspirations, not in navigating the complexities of Forex trading.

They feed on the hopes of individuals, leaving their pockets empty and their dreams shattered.

Forex trading is not the golden ticket it’s portrayed to be.

The harsh reality is that it produces far more losers than winners, but these influencers frequently hide this fact behind a glittering facade.

As someone who has faced ridicule and scorn from these so-called traders, branded as an outsider or a “dog,” I stand firm in my resolve to shed light on this issue.

The system is rigged as a “profit-no-loss” machine, where the losses of many result in the gains of a few, leading to a destructive cycle that ultimately undermines the fabric of our society.

It is imperative to approach forex trading with a critical eye and an understanding that what glitters is not gold.

Education is the key.

Before venturing into the Forex market in Kenya or anywhere else, arm yourself with knowledge, seek out genuine expertise, and be wary of the false prophets of prosperity.

Remember, when it comes to Forex trading, the only guaranteed winner is the market itself. Learn, be vigilant, and trade wisely.

6 thoughts on “The Illusion of Prosperity: A Cautionary Tale of Forex Trading in Kenya”


    Well said. I second you on this. The probability of losing in Forex is always higher than winning. Talking from experience. For those already doing forex trading, trade wisely and identity when you need to call it a quit.

  2. Well i wanted to start trading. There is this trader calling himself flossin.guide me on it.
    So what your saying…all forex schemes are a scam?

  3. Very true Elvis I second you
    I have seen individuals lured and lost lots of money in this forex thing.
    The probability of you winning it is very little but for the company it’s big because these are are individuals in business and the aim of any business it’s to make profit. Be wise Buddy

  4. Only the big fish benefit in forex business. That is, banks and financial institutions. They use what is referred to as spoofing—an act of manipulating the market using huge lot sizes as big as 50,000. They push the prices forcefully to a certain direction, exit the market, and re-enter, making huge gains. Again, the game is rigged here, because they trade with real time data of all market buyers and sellers, unlike the normal novice trader. Stay warned. No easy money making system in this world! All systems are made to draw money from fools.

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