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Top Online Businesses you Can Run with Your LinkedIn Personal Brand

Creating and running an online business can be incredibly rewarding, especially when you leverage your LinkedIn personal brand. Here are some viable options to consider:

1. Consulting Services

If you have expertise in business, marketing, or finance, consulting services are a great way to monetize your skills. Whether you’re helping businesses optimize their operations, develop marketing strategies, or manage their finances, consulting can be a highly lucrative online business.

2. Freelance Writing and Content Creation

For those with a knack for writing, freelance writing and content creation offer numerous opportunities. You can specialize in copywriting, content writing, or technical writing to serve various clients’ needs. High-quality content is always in demand, making this a sustainable business option.

3. Graphic and Web Design Services

If you have a creative eye and design skills, offering graphic and web design services can be highly profitable. Services can include logo and brand identity design, website design, and social media graphics design. With businesses constantly needing fresh and engaging visuals, your services will always be in demand.

4. Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Many professionals seek guidance in their careers and personal lives. By offering coaching and mentoring programs, you can provide valuable insights and support. This can include career coaching, executive coaching, and life coaching. These programs help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

5. Online Courses and Workshops

If you have specialized knowledge or skills, creating online courses and workshops can be a great way to share your expertise. Skill-based courses and professional development workshops are popular among those looking to advance their careers or learn new skills.

6. Virtual Assistant Services

With the rise of remote work, virtual assistant services are in high demand. You can offer administrative support, customer support, and social media management to busy professionals and businesses. This can free up their time and allow them to focus on core activities.

7. Recruitment and HR Services

If you have experience in human resources, offering recruitment and HR services can be a lucrative business. Services can include talent acquisition, HR consulting, and resume writing. Businesses are always looking for the right talent, and your services can help them find it.

8. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is essential for businesses looking to grow their online presence. Offering services such as SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and email marketing can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

9. E-learning and Training

With the increasing demand for remote learning, e-learning and training services are more popular than ever. You can offer corporate training programs and sell courses through e-learning platforms. This can help organizations upskill their employees and individuals advance their careers.

10. Public Relations and Personal Branding Services

Helping professionals and businesses build and maintain their public image is another viable business option. Public relations and personal branding services can help clients establish their brand, manage their reputation, and effectively communicate with their audience.

11. IT and Software Services

If you have a background in technology, offering IT and software services can be highly profitable. This can include software development, IT support, and cybersecurity consulting. As businesses continue to rely on technology, these services are in constant demand.


Running an online business on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach to networking, content creation, and engagement. By leveraging your LinkedIn professional network, you can effectively market your services, attract clients, and build a successful online business. Whether you choose to offer consulting services, freelance writing, graphic design, or any other service, your LinkedIn personal brand can be a powerful tool in achieving your business goals.

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