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Elvis, what next after I finish Form Four?

In November 2014, with a mixture of relief and exhilaration, I put the final touch to my last Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) paper.

It felt like closing an intense chapter of a captivating book. No more early morning bells, no more uniform, and certainly no more surprise tests or RATS!

Armed with a collection of clothes and casual wear—thanks to the savings from my mini ‘njugu’ (peanuts) empire within the school (think Pablo Escobar of the snack world)—I was ready for the world.

My first move? Striding to the government office to trade my ‘kijana’ (youngster) tag for an official ID card. The world was about to recognize me not just as an adult but as a citizen with full rights.

But there I stood, ID in hand, at life’s crossroads with a gazillion paths fanning out in front of me, each with its own set of promises and challenges.

No mentor, no guidebook. Just me, my ambition, and a world teeming with opportunities.

Discovering the Path Forward:

The initial days were all sunshine and rainbows. Waking up with the knowledge that Mr. Mbao wouldn’t be around the corner, ready to launch into a tirade about my English grades, was pure bliss.

And Ms. Rachel, with her recent heartbreak, wouldn’t chide us about being ‘fit only for farming’. The cherry on top? A chance to possibly chase after Lucy and Ann, my longtime crushes.

But here’s the twist – adulthood isn’t just about chasing crushes or evading stern teachers. It’s about forging a future, brick by brick.

Here’s my golden nugget for those emerging from Form Four:

Dive into personal development. Get a smartphone, not to master the latest TikTok dance, but to navigate this rapidly digitalizing world.

Those tantalizing ‘How to make money online’ ads? Take them with a pinch of salt.

Instead, here’s a better idea: Embrace the digital wave. With technology reshaping our world, there’s a rising demand for digital wizards. Ever thought about becoming:

  • A cybersecurity maestro?
  • A code-slinging programmer?
  • A visionary graphic designer?
  • A user-centric UI/UX designer?
  • Or a genius data scientist?
  • A meticulous data analyst?

These aren’t just job titles; they’re your ticket to a future where you’re in demand. So why not claim your seat at that table?

Your Roadmap to Success

Imagine being in a race where you’re not just competing but leading. It’s exhilarating, right? The good news is you can take the pole position without attending a traditional school.

Your smartphone isn’t just a gadget but a gateway to an ocean of knowledge and skills.

1. YouTube:
YouTube isn’t just for music videos or cat compilations; it’s a goldmine of educational content.

Use it wisely. Navigate your way to reputable channels that teach, inspire, and guide. From TED Talks to dedicated coding channels, the world is at your fingertips.

2. Master the Basics:
Before you dive deep, ensure you’re familiar with the tools that the professional world thrives on.

Microsoft Office is like the ABCs of digital literacy. Word, Excel, PowerPoint – these aren’t just software names, they’re essential skills that can set you apart.

3. Dive into Coding:
Why be just a user when you can be a creator?

Learn to code and watch doors of opportunity swing open.

From developing apps to creating websites, you could be the tech whisperer in your community, taking a unique path and leaving traditional roles behind.

4. University Isn’t Just for Textbooks:
If you decide to further your education in college or university, don’t limit your learning to lectures and libraries.

Be proactive.

Venture outside the curriculum. Seek courses, clubs, or communities focused on practical skills.

5. Monetize Your Skills:
The world is moving towards a gig economy. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are allowing talents to shine beyond geographical boundaries.

So, why wait to graduate?

Start freelancing while you learn. Your skill could be someone’s requirement, and that someone could be sitting halfway across the globe.

Ladies and gentlemen and good people, carve a path that is both conventional yet unique.

A path where each step makes you more skilled, more adept, and undeniably more marketable.

This is my simple nugget of wisdom for the Form Four leavers.

Elvis W.

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